About Me

When I set out on this photography journey, seven years ago, I had no idea where it was going to take me, or what scenes I would eventually end up capturing. In that manner, it seems fitting that things have come full circle. This is not to say that I've reached the end--to the contrary, I'm in my prime and possess just the right mix of adventure, experience, and judgement to execute my vision and the version of themselves that other people aren't consciously aware of. 

In essence, this portfolio showcases all the places I've been, and ultimately, it will trace the journey for where I will end up. With that being said, I'm much more than a photographer; I think people are much deeper than they give themselves credit for. My worldview and spirit are embodied by a an authentic sense of composition, my application of color theory, and sense for texture and tone. But, most importantly, my timing is impeccable. I've slaved away through trial and error and devoured enough knowledge in forums and books to become a student of timing.

My main strengths in photography lie in my ability to capture stunning landscapes at just the right moment, when the light is most special, and in the candid moments that people express themselves genuinely in a portrait.

I hope you enjoy the portfolio.