Visual Story-telling for Nonprofit Organizations

I dedicated five years to working for one of the largest nonprofit organizations in Houston. Having first-hand experience with some of the challenges facing nonprofits today, I’ve seen that one of the most critical areas that nonprofits could use to enhance their visibility is their branding. Employees spend a great deal of their time working towards the mission but often, branding is an afterthought. An expert visual storyteller intuitively knows how to stage a scene and how to evoke the right response from your desired audience. Most importantly, we know how to show off what you do best.

My specialties in visual storytelling for the nonprofit world include action shots of volunteer projects (all sizes), press conferences, client photographs, fundraising campaigns, donor (and donor affinity groups) and professional head-shots of key employees.

Organizations I’ve worked with in the past include: United Way of Greater Houston, BakerRipley, The Center, East End Chamber of Commerce, Houston Hispanic Forum, Port Houston, SER-Niños Charter School System, and the Millennial Community (I currently serve as a director on their board).

Personal Brand

People are visual creatures (myself included). So, when we think about our personal brand, we typically think about getting better clothes or changing out appearance somehow. However, that’s only half the equation—designer clothes and accessories don’t help us when they’re terribly photographed. Whether you’re a career professional, trying to take that next step, or you’re single and trying to set yourself apart from the rest on dating apps, a 30 minute photo session can transform your personal brand.

Special Projects