Photography Tips

You can read a thousand books, watch a thousand YouTube videos, and still feel like you're stuck. I know--I've been there before. I've loved photography since I was four years old, but I never consciously thought to go out and try to develop the skill. All it took was a gentle push from a friend of mine who happened to be an accomplished photographer The rest is history. So, if you happen to be reading this page, this is your GENTLE PUSH.


So, now what?

Great! You've decided to be a photographer. Now, what? Where do you begin? What do these buttons mean? What is exactly exposure? Or composition? Or the two-thirds rule? Do you need a DSLR? Which lens is the best? 

At this point in the self-questioning, I will urge you to quiet your mind. Forget all of it, for just a moment. Whether you're shooting with a professional-grade DSLR, or your iPhone/Samsung smart phone, the next course of action is universal. There is only one question you should ask yourself, regardless of the equipment you have:

"What is it that I want to photograph?"

Your next course of action is to just go out there (or inside) and start snapping photos.


How Do I Get my Photographs to Look Cool?

That is a great question--art is relative. Therefore, it depends on what you think is "cool". If you want to make great art, you first have to look at artists you admire. They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery; so, go find some artists you want to imitate. When I started out, Instagram wasn't what it was today. So, I went onto flickr and looked up my favorite subjects and content. From there, I went down the rabbit hole until I found artists I wanted to emulate. On Instagram, a great way to look at contemporary artists is to search #agameoftones and #heatercentral.

My core philosophy in photography is "Don't be intimidated--be obsessed." Whatever your goals are, you have to be focused and disciplined in wanting to suffer for your art. If it means hiking to a better vantage point to grab a different view of the land, or crouching in an uncomfortable position to show your model from a different, more interesting angle, then that's the price to pay.



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